Lessons by Brian Booth

Learn From Someone With Experience

You want to see improvement in every aspect of your playing, but especially in your understanding of jazz styles and improvisation. I believe that your saxophone lessons should inspire you and create a desire within you to excel. I also believe that your private study shouldn’t be all work and no play. There is an inherent fun quotient in music. Your music lessons should be enjoyable. If it isn’t fun, why do it? Your private study with Brian will be fun!

I have more than 30 years experience in teaching saxophone, theory, and composition. As a performing jazz musician, I will help you to focus in on the fundamentals of jazz music styles and improvisation. I also understand the importance of technical training in the traditional style as it relates to the saxophone, and will help you to develop solid technique.

Music Theory is Not Rocket Science

As part of your regular music lessons, I present the basics of theory in a fun and understandable way. If you want to learn about composition or arranging, I can guide you.

Become All You Can Be

Of the numerous students who have had music lessons with me, there have been many that have achieved awards and have gone on to excel in their continued study at some of the more prestigious music programs in the country. If you’re willing to work, you may be able to achieve or exceed the same levels of excellence.


1. Materials

Please bring ALL of your materials weekly. Materials will include the method books that you have been assigned and manuscript paper. You will also need a spiral-bound notebook to use as a daily practice log. As new materials are needed, please be prompt in purchasing and bringing them to your lesson.

2. Attendance

Attendance is mandatory. Occasionally a student may need to cancel a lesson due to sickness or other similar circumstances. If this is the case, let me know as soon as possible. Generally, I do not excuse absences.

3. Holidays

I always take the major holidays off (New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th, July 24th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving weekend, and December 24th through January 1st). I also allow two weeks in the summer for your individual vacations. Please clear those dates with me as soon as you are able.

4. Preparation

Please be prepared for your weekly lesson. This will require DAILY practice. As a general rule, 30 minutes of practice should be the minimum each day. If you accomplish the tasks that I have assigned soon after your lesson, by all means feel free to forge ahead!

5. Payment

Payment is due at the first of the month for the month. PLEASE MAKE PAYMENTS TO BRIAN BOOTH MUSIC LLC. All lessons will be paid for whether attended or not. If I should have to cancel a lesson I will forward the payment for that lesson to the following month.

6. Lesson Schedule

Some teachers are able to change lesson schedules during the summer months. My daily schedule remains the same throughout the year. Therefore, your schedule will not change.

7. Trial Period

New students will be extended a six-week trial period. This will give both of us an opportunity to evaluate if lessons with me are going to work out.

8. Termination

Eventually, you will decide that it is time to terminate your lessons. In most cases this is a sad day for me as I quite enjoy getting to know a student. When this time arrives, please give me at least two weeks notice. This will give me plenty of time to fill your lesson slot with a new student. Should you fail to do this, I will expect payment to cover two lessons.

9. Dismissal

Unfortunately, there have been times that it has become necessary for me to send a student on his/her way. This has happened because of excessive absence, excessive tardiness, continual lack of practice, or lack of payment. I reserve the right to dismiss any student due to non-compliance with any of my lesson policies.